Chase, A.B.

Antique A.B. Chase pianos are consistently some of the most well made, incredible sounding pianos we see come through our shop. Established in 1875 by Allen B. Chase of Norwalk, Ohio, the company built both pianos and organs in the last quarter of the 19th Century. By 1900, organs were discontinued, and they went on to build a large selection pianos and player pianos for over 100 years. Early on, they enjoyed a fantastic reputation for superior instruments and they truly built some incredible pianos. In later years, A.B. Chase was owned and controlled by the now defunct Aeolian-American Corporation. Recently the A.B. Chase was bought by a contemporary company in Illinois with plans to begin manufacturing this illustrious old name again.


A.B. Chase Organ Advertisements Late 19th Century Organ Advertisemtns For The A.B. Chase Piano & Organ Company
A.B. Chase Piano Advertisements Turn-Of-The-Century Era Advertisements For The A.B. Chase Piano Company
A. B. Chase Organ Sales Catalog Late 19th Century Illustrated Sales Catalog for A. B. Chase Organs, Circa 1890
A. B. Chase Piano Sales Catalog Early 20th Century Illustrated Piano Catalogs from the A. B. Chase Piano Company, Circa 1913


$11,500 After Total Restoration
1907 | Sold