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Blasius & Sons

The firm of Blasius & Sons built very high quality, well-made instruments on a smaller scale from the 1850s until just before the Great Depression.  Charles Blasius left his native home of Cologne, Germany to come to American at the young age of 25.  In Pre-Civil War American, Blasius had the privilege of apprenticing with some of the most important piano men in American history.   After mastering the art of fine piano building, Charles Blasius established his own company in 1855 in Trenton, New Jersey.  In 1857, Blasius moved his firm to Philadelphia, a hub of major piano manufacturing by many great makers.  There he established his firm as “Blasius & Sons” after admitting his two sons Levi and Oscar into partnership.


Blasius & Sons become a renowned and celebrated manufacturer in Philadelphia.  His pianos were known to be of exceptional quality and craftsmanship, and he received many celebrity endorsements for the quality and tone of his pianos. 



Perhaps the most influential of celebrity endorsements for Blasius & Sons was world famous inventor, Thomas A. Edison.  Known as "The World's Greatest Acoustician” and the inventor of electricity and the phonograph, Edison worked tirelessly trying to successfully record the piano so that it could be faithfully reproduced on his early cylinder records.  Edison stated that "my experiments prefer the 'BLASIUS' in Tone, Finish, Workmanship and Construction; The BLASIUS PIANO surpasses all others."


In 1895, Blasius & Sons proudly advertised a letter handwritten and signed by Thomas Edison stating the following:


Messrs. Blasius & Sons,




                I have been using your piano for the past two years for experiments on the phonograph at the laboratory.  Of all the instruments tried, my experimenters prefer the Blasius.


(Signed) Thomas A. Edison


After receiving this amazing endorsement, Blasius & Sons became known as “The Tone Standard Of The World”.




We have records showing that Steinway & Sons delivered several “one of a kind” custom carved pianos to the Blasius warerooms during the late 19th Century, indicating a connection between the two firms.  Blasius appears to have been a distributor for very specialized “art-case” and custom built pianos from Steinway which were sold to wealthy Philadelphia socialites.


1887, Blasius took control of the Charles Albrecht Piano Company, one of the oldest piano manufacturers in America.  Along with the Albrecht name, Blasius & Sons also built pianos under the "Regent" brand name as an affordable alternative to the costlier Blasius brand.


We find that Blasius pianos are just about the finest quality antique pianos we see come through our shop. Because of their high cost when new, Blasius pianos were never built on a huge scale like many other American piano manufacturers. Sadly, they are not very common today.


Blasius Advertisements Period Advertisements for the Blasius Piano Company of Philadelphia
Thomas A. Edison Endorses Blasius & Sons

Late 19th Century Handwritten Endorsement From Thomas A. Edison


$600,000 After Total Restoration
1888 | For Sale