Walt came to The Antique Piano Shop after retiring from a career in the telecommunications business. He moved to Tennessee from Atlanta, and grew up watching his parents dancing in a club to a player piano. Because he was introduced to it at such a young age, you could say the piano has always been a part of his life! He rebuilt his first player piano in 1968 and he realized he loved figuring out the mechanics of how a player piano works. He says he is facinated to learn how the pianos were engineered and built before the age of computers and internet, and then trying to recreate that engineering. Despite being retired, Walt sure likes to keep busy by rebuilding, repairing, and bringing antique player pianos back to life! He’s a pretty methodical guy who takes great pride in the details and quality of his work, so it’s not uncommon to see him in his scrubs and stethoscope as he’s doing his part to bring your antique player piano back to life!