Grovesteen & Fuller Square Grand Piano

Grovesteen & Fuller was one of the first piano manufacturing companies in America. They specialized in building high quality square grand pianos throughout the 19th Century.

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YEAR: 1874
FINISH: Rosewood
STATUS: Restored

The Grovesteen & Fuller Piano Company was established in Albany, NY in 1825, making them one of the first piano manufacturers in America. Grovesteen & Fuller built pianos under several different names over the years, indicating the Grovesteen took in several different business partners throughout the 19th Century as the company evolved. Names produced included Grovesteen, Grovesteen & Fuller, Grovesteen & Hale, Grovesteen & Ilsley, Grovesteen & Truslow, and Townsend & Grovesteen. The firm had a superior reputation for building exceptional pianos. They specialized in square grand piano building for most of the 19th Century, and like most other makers, they began introducing upright and grand pianos after the Civil War, gradually decreasing square grand production as the turn-of-the-century loomed closer. By about 1890, all square grand piano production had ceased. Sadly, Grovesteen & Fuller (and all related firms) went out of business shortly after the 20th Century. Their instruments are quite rare and desirable today.