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Willis & Company

Willis & Company was established in 1884 by Alexander Parker Willis in Montreal, Canada.  Willis & Co. began as a piano retailer, and pianos labeled as “Willis & Co.” were built by other manufacturers under special contract. In 1907, Willis & Co. bought controlling interest in the Lesage Piano Company and the firm began manufacturing “Willis & Company” brand pianos full time. (Lasage sold all remaining interest to Willis & Co. in 1911 and started producing the Lasage name independently of Willis & Co.)

Willis & Co. became one of Canada’s leading piano manufacturers and built pianos under the names of Willis & Co., Alexandra, Carlton, Denholm and Handel.  Willis & Co. also acquired The Newcombe Piano Company brand name when Newcombe closed in 1926.  Willis & Co. continued to prosper for several decades, ultimately closing their doors in 1978.


Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Willis & Company Catalog
Willis & Company Illustrated Sales Catalog, Circa 1920