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Philip T. Werlein immigrated to The United States in 1837 and settled in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Werlein opened his first music store in Vicksburg, MS in 1842.  In 1853, Philip P. Werlein (son of Philip T. Werlein) and his cousin Mr. Shepherd purchased the Mayo Music House in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The firm was organized as “P. P. Werlein & Shepherd”.  A branch of “P. P. Werlein & Shepherd” was opened in Mobile, Alabama.  In 1896, the firm was officially incorporated as “Philip Werlein, Ltd.” in New Orleans with branches in San Francisco.  Werlein was the original publisher of the popular southern song “Dixie”.
The firm of Philip Werlein was one of the south’s most prominent and successful music retailers.  The firm represented several different brands of pianos and organs over the years as well as manufacturing their own pianos which were sold under the “Werlein” brand name.  The Werlein Company continued to be a major manufacturer and retailer throughout the 20th Century, but their instruments are rarely found outside of the Southern or Western United States.

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19th Century Werlein Advertisements
19th Century Werlein Advertisements For The Werlein Piano Company of New Orleans