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The Wentworth Piano Company was a small-scale, family owned piano manufactory in Boston during the late 19th and early 20th Century period.  Historical information about Wentworth appears to be very difficult to find, and the information we have found is a bit vague.

Mr. Veranus Wentworth appears to have established his firm of “V. Wentworth & Company” in about 1880.  The firm was located at 41 Bristol Street, Boston.  In 1884, V. Wentworth & Co. presented 2 upright pianos at The Mass. Charitable Mechanic Association Exhibition.  These instruments were received with great admiration and helped secure the firm’s reputation of building well-made instruments.

In June, 1904, the firm was officially incorporated as “The Wentworth Piano Company”.   The firm appears to have been changed to C. S. Wentworth & Co. in 1910 by V. Wentworth and C. H. Smith, and again to “C. S. Wentworth Company” in 1911.

In 1913, Mr. V. Wentworth retired and the firm was absorbed into The National Piano Manufacturing Company of Boston.  The National Piano Manufacturing Company continued building pianos under the “Wentworth” brand name until The Great Depression.


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Wentworth Advertisement
Late 19th Century Advertisement For The Wentworth Piano Company of Boston, Circa 1890