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Charles A. Vinton is first listed as building pianos in Boston during the late 1850s before moving to New York in 1861. After moving to New York, Vinton is listed as a piano tuner & technician only.  He is listed as manufacturing pianos under his own name again by about 1863 at 487 Broadway, New York City.  In 1865, Charles Vinton went into partnership with his son, Henry A. Vinton, establishing the partnership of “Vinton & Son”.  In 1871, Charles Vinton brought his second son, Frederick H. Vinton, into the partnership and the name of the firm was changed to “Vinton & Sons”.  Vinton & Sons advertised that they were manufacturers of square grand and upright pianos, and it is unclear if they ever built grand and baby grand pianos.
In 1880, the firm was listed as “Vinton Brothers”, and it is assumed that Charles A. Vinton was no longer active in the firm at that time.  Along with manufacturing pianos, Vinton Brothers were active retailers for organs and melodeons, some of which were sold under their name.

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Vinton Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement for the Charles A. Vinton Piano Maker, Boston (prior to his move to New York