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Mr. F. A. Trowbridge established “The Trowbridge Piano Company” in 1888 in Franklin, Massachusetts.  The Trowbridge Piano Company was a very small, family-owned firm that specialized in building several lines of good-quality upright pianos.  The firm experienced a good reputation and modest success.  In addition to “Trowbridge” pianos, the firm built pianos under the “Edward” and “Florence” brand names.

In 1917 The Trowbridge Piano Company was acquired by The Henry F. Miller Piano Company of Boston.  In 1920, the Continental Piano Company purchased The Henry F. Miller Piano Company and all its subsidiaries including Trowbridge.  The Continental Piano Company discontinued the Trowbridge name during the Great Depression.


Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Trowbridge Piano Brochure, 1890
Late 19th Century sales catalog for the Trowbridge Piano Company circa 1890