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Strich & Zeidler
The Strich & Zeidler Piano Company was established by William Strich and Paul M. Zeidler in 1889.  Strich & Zeidler met and became good friends while working at the Steinway factory in New York.
William Strich was born in New York in 1863.  His father was one of New York’s most prominent music teachers and William had a true passion for the piano.  William Strict’s ambition at a young age was to become a great piano builder!  William Strich began working at Steinway’s factory in 1881, apprenticing and learning the art of fine piano building.  Strich left Steinway in 1889 in order to join his friend to form The Strich & Zeidler Piano Company.
Paul M. Zeidler immigrated to New York from Germany in 1869 and began working at the Steinway factory in 1876.  After working with Steinway for 11 years, Zeidler left Steinway to venture out west explore the piano industry there.  Zeidler returned to New York in 1889 to join his friend to form The Strich & Zeidler Piano Company.
The Strich & Zeidler factory was first located at 134th Street in New York City before moving to East 136th Street in the 1920’s era.  Strich & Zeidler was known for building extremely well made, high priced pianos in elaborate styles and finishes.  During the late 19th Century, Strich & Zeidler was honored to become “The Official New York State Piano”.
Strich & Zeidler also built pianos under the ‘Homer’ brand name. Homer was built as an affordable alternative to the costlier Strich & Zeidler brand name.  Although they built pianos in modest numbers, they enjoyed a great deal of success until going out of business with the Great Depression.  The Strich & Zeidler ideal stemmed from the idea of building the perfect instrument.  All Strich & Zeidler pianos we have seen come through our shop have been exceptional overall and are well worth restoration and preservation.  These instruments were examples of America’s piano building at its finest.

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Strich & Zeidler Roman Style Upright Piano


Once declared the “Official New York State Piano”, this instrument features a carved version of the famous Greek painting by Alma-Tadema entitled “Sappho and Alcaeus.”