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Stanford, David R. (also spelled Standford)
David R. Stanford (also spelled Standford in some archives) was a prominent piano retailer in New York in the 1840’s era.  Stanford is first listed as building pianos under his own name in about 1849 at 343 Broadway, New York City.  In 1852, D. R. Stanford is listing as building square grand pianos under the name of “Stanford & Company”. This firm was a smaller-scale operation, and pianos by Stanford & Company are exceedingly rare today.  In about 1870, D. R. Stanford dissolved his business in order to take control of Stodart & Morris in an attempt to revive their failing business.  This venture proved to be unsuccessful, and there is no mention of D. R. Stanford after about 1875.

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Stanford & Company Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement for Stanford & Company, New York