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Sprecher & Company

Christian Sprecher originally began building pianos in the 1830s in his native Cologne, Germany.  In the late 1840s Sprecher was hired by John Jakob Eck to work for his new firm in Zurich, Switzerland.  In 1850, Sprecher became a partner in the firm of “Sprecher & Bar” of Zurich.  A piano by Sprecher & Bar was shown at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851. In 1853 Sprecher & Bar exhibited a piano at the Crystal Palace Exhibition in New York City.

Mr. Bar left the partnership in 1854 and the firm was renamed “Sprecher & Comp.”  In 1859, a businessman by the name of Otto Butte became a partner in the firm of Sprecher & Comp.  In 1873 Mr. Butte’s son, Wilhelm Butte, joined the firm at which time the name of the firm was changed to “Sprecher & Butte”.  Sprecher’s son Moritz Sprecher joined the firm in 1877 at which time the firm was reorganized as “Sprecher & Sohne”.  There is no mention of the firm after Christian Sprecher’s death in 1883.


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