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Smith & Barnes
The Smith & Barnes Piano Company was established in 1884 originally as the C.A. Smith Piano Company. Their factories were located at Clybourn Street in Chicago. In 1891, Barnes joined the firm and it became incorporated as Smith & Barnes Piano Company. In 1906, The Strohber Piano Company merged with Smith & Barnes forming the Smith, Barnes & Strohber Piano Company, and the firm manufactured pianos under the names of Smith & Barnes, Strohber, Hoffmann, Lessing & Willard. In 1924 the firm was purchased by the Continental Piano Company, and they continued the Smith & Barnes name until the Great Depression.

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Smith & Barnes Sales Catalog

Smith & Barnes Piano Company Sales Catalog, Circa 1920

Smith & Barnes Advertisements
Early 20th Century Smith & Barnes Advertiements
Strohber Advertisements
Period Advertisements For The Strohber Piano, Manufactured By Smith & Barnes Piano Company
C. A. Smith Portrait
Portrait Of C. A. Smith, Founder Of The Smith & Barnes Piano Company, Chicago

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