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Sherman & Hyde
The Sherman & Hyde Piano Company was a part of the most successful music retailer on the West Coast. In about 1870, Leander S. Sherman purchased a large music retail store in San Francisco from a gentleman by the name of A. A. Rosenberg.  Mr. Sherman was joined shortly thereafter by F. A. Hyde, forming “The Sherman & Hyde Company”.  During the early years, the firm was primarily a retailer and distributor of sheet music and musical instruments, including pianos and organs.  There is evidence of a limited number of instruments being manufactured and sold under the “Sherman & Hyde” brand name, but they are very rare today.
In 1876, E. C. Clay joined the firm and the name of the firm was changed to “Sherman & Clay Company”.  During the early 20th Century pianos sold under the “Sherman & Clay” label were manufactured by The Haddorff Piano Company.  Sherman & Clay went on to be one of the largest and most successful musical instrument retailers on the West Coast, and they are still one of the largest and most prestigious music store chains in America today.

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Sherman & Hyde Advertisement
Late 19th Century Advertisement For Sherman & Hyde Piano Company San Francisco, CA