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Schuetze & Luedolff
Otto Schuetze began his career in piano building sometime around 1850 in New York City. In 1853, his workshop is listed at 63 Grand Avenue.  In 1854, Schuetze went into partnership with Charles Krall, establishing the firm of “Schuetze & Krall”.  This partnership was dissolved the following year.  In 1855, Schuetze went into partnership with August Ludolff, forming the successful firm of “Schuetze & Ludolf”.  During the late 1850s, Schuetze & Ludolff exhibited their instruments at various fairs and exhibition, usually winning gold and silver medals for their high quality instruments.  Otto Schuetze died in 1876, and the firm was continued by Ludolff until the end of the 19th Century.

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Schuetze & Ludolff Advertisements
19th Century Advertisements For The Schuetze & Ludolff Piano Company, New York City