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Schaff Brothers
The Schaff Brothers Piano Company was established by Gotthard Schaff and John Schaff in 1868 in Huntington, Indiana.  Schaff Brothers was known for building very high-quality, expensive pianos and the firm enjoyed an excellent reputation.  By the turn-of-the-century, Schaff Brothers had grown exponentially and was building a full line of high-grade upright pianos grand pianos and player pianos.  The firm produced a very successful line of player pianos under the “Solotone” brand name.  By the late 1920’s, Schaff Brothers was absorbed into the large Rudolph Wurlitzer Piano Company, and Wurlitzer managed to pull Schaff Brothers through the Great Depression era. Wurlitzer continued to produce pianos under the Schaff Brothers name until World War II.

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Early 20th Century Schaff Brothers Advertisement, Circa 1917
Early 20th Century Schaff Brothers Advertisement, Circa 1917

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