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Perlman, H. W.
Harry W. Perlman originally established his firm of “H. W. Perlman” in 1898 at 345 Grand Avenue, New York City.  H. W. Perlman built a modest number of pianos during the ‘teens and ‘twenties.  During the Great Depression, Perlman’s son, I. W. Perlman, joined the business and the firm was reorganized as “The National Piano Corporation” of New York (not to be confused with The National Piano Manufacturing Corporation of Boston).
“The National Piano Corporation” built pianos under the brand names of Shoninger of NY (Not to be confused with B. Shoninger of Connecticut), Mansfield and Newby & Evans.  The firm also built the “Charmette” brand for the Sohmer Piano Company.
During World War II the firm stopped building pianos in order to manufacture gun stocks for the U. S. Army.  After the work, the firm continued to build pianos until closing in about 1958.

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