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Charles F. Netzow is first listed as doing business in 1883 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Netzow began as a midwestern distributor of pianos and organs as well as stoves, sewing machines, wagons and a variety of sundries.  The firm was immediately successful and the focus was soon shifted from distributing to manufacturing.  The firm was officially incorporated as the  “Charles F. Netzow Manufacturing Company” in 1890.  Netzow was considered the pioneer of piano manufacturing in Milwaukee WI, and his pianos enjoyed a very good reputation for high quality in workmanship and tone. Netzow also built pianos under the brand name of “Fernwood” and “Arlington” and built organs under the name of “Bristol”.
The Netzow factory also manufactured pianos for the Waltham, Hazelwood, Wilson and Warfield Piano Companies. During the early 20th Century, Netzow produced a full line of uprights, player pianos and coin-operated nickelodeons. Netzow produced pianos until they were liquidated in 1931 due to the Great Depression.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Netzow Catalog 1896
Illustrated Sales Catalog Featuring Netzow and Fernwood Pianos, Bristol Organs, Sewing Machines, etc., Circa 1901
Netzow Catalog 1920
Netzow Piano Company Sales Catalog, Circa 1915
Netzow Advertisement
Early 20th Century Advertisement For The Netzow Piano Company, Circa About 1907