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Nelson, H. P.
The H. P. Nelson Piano Company was established in Chicago in 1908, and they had a reputation for manufacturing very well made pianos.  H. P. Nelson manufactured pianos for several prominent American piano companies including Gerard, Karlbach, Humbolt, Weller, Bodecker, Burmeister, Overton, Winthrop, Poehlman, and Schorndorff. The H.P. Nelson Piano Company also built pianos under the name of “Nelson Brothers”. From its onset H. P. Nelson quickly grew with huge success. Unfortunately, the firm suffered financial turmoil before 1920, and were out of business well before the Great Depression.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Early 20th Century H.P. Nelson Sales Catalog Advertisement
Early 20th Century Photograph Of Mr. H. P. Nelson, Piano Manufacturer, Circa 1915
Early 20th Century Newspaper Article About H. P. Nelson Piano Company, Circa 1914