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Narvesen, Conrad
Conrad Narvesen immigrated to The United States from Norway as a young man, beginning his work in New York City’s piano industry in about 1845. In 1861, he became a partner in the Brooklyn based firm of “Ihlseng, Narvesen & Linstedt“.
In 1863, Linstedt withdrew from the firm and it was reorganized as “Ihlseng & Narvesen” at 156 East 21st Street.  The partnership of “Ihlseng & Narvesen” was dissolved in 1864, and Conrad Narvesen continued building pianos under his own name.  In 1869, Conrad’s son Nicholas joined the firm, and the name of the firm was changed to “Narvesen & Son”.
In 1880, two other Scandinavian piano makers named John Bergman and August Haugaard joined the firm, and the firm was reorganized as “Narvesen, Bergman & Haugaard”. In about 1885, Narvesen’s interest in the firm was bought out by Richard Walters, and the name of the firm was again changed to “Narvesen Piano Company”. The Narvesen Piano Company continued to build pianos up until the turn-of-the-century.

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Narvesen Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement for the Conrad Narvesen Piano Company, Circa About 1875