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Lindell, Wennerstrom & Company
Peter Andrew Wennerstrom and Eric Lindell went into partnership in about 1837, operating under the name of “Lindell, Wennerstrom & Company”. Their workshop was shown as having the same address as the famous maker William Nunns, which was located at #1 St. John’s Lane, New York City. The firm was dissolved in about 1845, and Wennerstrom continued to build pianos under his own name.
In 1846, Wennerstrom went into partnership with Gustave Bergquist to form the firm of “Wennerstrom & Bergquist” which lasted until 1850. Wennerstrom went on to be a retailer of pianos, musical instrument, and sheet music, but there is no record of him manufacturing pianos after 1850.  Lindell appears to have become a piano tuner/technician, as well as a piano dealer. Like Wennerstrom, there is no listing of Lindell manufacturing pianos after about 1850.

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