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The Laffargue Piano Company built pianos from 1896 – 1932, with offices and factories located on 134th Street in New York City.  In 1904, The Laffargue Piano Company was incorporated with Mr. Josepth Oktavec as president.  Laffargue built a number of successful upright piano, player piano and grand piano lines. The company ultimately became part of the huge Aeolian-American Corporation, and the Laffargue name was discontinued during the Great Depression.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Laffargue Piano Catalog 1
Laffargue Piano Company Sales Catalog, Circa 1905
Laffargue Piano Catalog 2
Laffargue Piano Company Sales Catalog, Circa 1916
Laffargue Advertisements
Early 20th Century Laffargue Advertisements, Circa 1919
Laffargue Magazine Article
Early 20th Century Magazine Article About The Laffargue Piano Company, Circa 1916

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