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Kramer Piano Company

The Kramer Piano Company of New York (not to be confused with the “Kramer” brand built in Boston by Gilbert) was controlled by the small but successful firm of Kelso & Company of New York.  Kelso & Company was established by Mr. Sears. R. Kelso, Sr. in New York in 1891. The first factory was located at 16 Horatio Street, New York City. By 1920, the firm had grown to occupy several blocks of West 140th Street in New York City.

The Kramer Piano Company built a full line of upright pianos, player pianos and baby grand pianos.  The firm also produced of small and miniature pianos under the “Kewpie” label.

Instruments by Kramer were known to be durable, well-made pianos of moderate cost.  The firm appears to have gone out of business around 1930 with the onset of the Great Depression.


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