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Kindt & Manz
In 1863, during the onset of the Civil War, a grocer named William Grupe went into partnership with a businessman named Louis Kindt to form a piano dealership called “Grupe & Kindt”. Archives suggest that Grupe & Kindt simply retailed pianos (mostly square grand pianos) but there is some evidence that they may have done some small-scale manufacturing as well. This partnership was first located at 79 Third Street in New York City, moving to 20 Sixth Street in 1864.
In 1866, the partnership was dissolved and Louis Kindt went into partnership with George M. Manz to form the company of “Kindt & Manz”. Their factory was located at 865 Broadway, New York City.  In 1870, George Manz left the business and Louis Kindt continued to build pianos under his own name. In 1873 Louis Kindt is listed as “Kindt & Company” with factories located at 413 West 42nd Street, NY. Archives suggest that the firm of Kindt & Company was out of business before 1875.
We have seen very few pianos by Kindt & Manz over the past decades, indicating that they were built in small numbers. The few surviving examples we have seen have been exceptionally well built instruments with very solid craftsmanship. These pianos are exceedingly rare today and deserve the finest restoration and preservation available.

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Kindt & Manz Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement for the Kindt & Manz Piano Company, New York City