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Irmler (Leipzig, Germany)
The illustrious Irmler Piano Company was established by Johann Christian Gottlieb Irmler in Leipzig in 1818. Irmler spent the earlier part of his life studying piano building and design in Vienna before moving to Leipzig at the age of 28. Irmler’s sons Otto and Oswald learned the trade by studying in Vienna, Paris and London. The sons continued their fathers firm after his death in 1857.
Otto and Oswald Irmler “modernized” European piano manufacturing by incorporating steam driven machinery in about 1861. The firm enjoyed a stellar reputation, and their instruments were highly celebrated as being some of the finest produced in Europe. Oswald Irmler continued to run the firm until his death in 1905 at which time his sons took over the business. The Irmler Piano Company continued to build higher quality, expensive pianos in Leipzig until going out of business in the 1950s.

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