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Imperial Organ & Piano Company, Ltd. (London)
The Imperial Organ & Piano Company, Ltd., was a moderately successful English manufacturer from the early to middle 20th Century. The firm was established in London in 1902, and was the successor of the “Collins Organ & Piano Company”. The firm was most productive in the ‘teens and ‘twenties, and their factory was located at 45 – 47 Ellingford Road & Mare Street, London.
The Imperial Organ & Piano Company was known for building very elaborate, high quality instruments which were often quite expensive compared to other contemporary manufactures. The firm built a full line of upright and baby grand pianos, as well as a variety of organs for both home and church use. They also built two-manual reed organs, as well as two-manual and pedal board reed organs. During the 1930s, Imperial built a limited number of instruments called the “Pianorgan”, a piano and reed organ combined in one instrument. Imperial continued operation until the late 1960s.

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Early 20th Century Advertisement For The Organ & Piano Company, Ltd., London