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Hickstein Piano Company

The Hickstein Piano Company was a small, family owned firm which operated a short time during the early 20th Century.  Founded by Mr. A. I. Hickstein, the firm was located at 22 – 25 Wall Street in Auburn, NY.  The firm built instruments under the names of “Hickstein Piano Company” and “Hickstein & Co.”.  

Since a piano would cost the equivalent of a small house during the early 20th Century, these small family owned firms could do very well for themselves building only a few pianos a year.  Because so few instruments were actually built, historical information about these small manufacturers is often very hard, sometimes even impossible, to find.  We do find that instruments built by these small family owned firms were excellent pianos – only the best quality and craftsmanship was good enough to be affixed with the family name.


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Hickstein Advertisements
Early 20th Century Advertisements For The Hickstein Piano Company, Auburn, NY