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Gram – Richtsteig

The Edmund Gram Piano Company was established in 1883 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Edmund Gram built a full line of upright pianos, grand pianos, and player pianos for several decades and was known for building very good quality, higher grade instruments. In addition to manufacturing pianos sold under the Edmund Gram name, the firm also sold pianos under the brand names of Lyra, Harvard, and Link.

In about 1910 Max Richtsteig went into partnership with Edmund Gram, and the name of the company was called “The Gram – Richtsteig Piano Company”. In 1924 the firm was purchased by the Haddorff Piano Company.  Haddorff continued to build pianos under the Edmund Gram brand name until the Great Depression.


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Gram - Richsteig
Early 20th Century Newspaper Article About The Gram – Richtsteig Piano Company, Circa 1914