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Fairbanks (California)
The “Fairbanks” brand name (not to be confused with The Fairbanks Piano Company of New York) was produced by the Southern California Music Company of Los Angeles, California during the first quarter of the 20th Century. Fairbanks offered a full line of upright pianos, player pianos and baby grand pianos, and they were distributed mainly across the west coast. The Southern California Music Company primarily bought pianos from top manufacturers of the period, relabeling and selling them under the Fairbanks brand name. It is unclear if Fairbanks or the Southern California Music Company actually built any of their own pianos, and it is likely that they were only a retailer and not an actual manufacturer. The surviving Fairbanks pianos from Southern California Music Company we have seen come through our shop have been very well made pianos, indicating that the firm used high-grade pianos to sell under the Fairbanks brand name.

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Fairbanks Advertisement
Early 20th Century Advertisement For The Fairbanks Piano, Los Angeles, CA