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Dorr (Karl and Daniel Von)
Daniel Von Dorr is first listed as one of the earlier piano makers in Vienna, Austria in 1817. Daniel Von Dorr is listed as an active maker in Vienna throughout the 1820s and 1830s, but very little additional information is available about him. In the later part of the 19th Century, Carl Dorr is listed as a piano maker in Vienna (some archives misspell this name as Karl Dorr) and it is assumed that he is the son of Daniel Von Dorr. There are also references to a firm called “Dorr Piano Manufacturing Company, Wieder Hauptstr 117, Vienna” which is assumed to have evolved from the firms of Daniel Von Dorr and Carl Dorr. Surviving pianos built by the firm show that they are made of high quality and craftsmanship. Pianos by Dorr are generally made of elegantly carved exotic wood, and they are beautiful instruments. The last listing for Carl Dorr is in 1920.

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