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De Hoog, Peter
Peter De Hoog began his career in the piano industry as a partner with Richard Kernan in the firm of “De Hoog & Kernan” in 1845. This first firm was located at 242 Spring Street, New York City. In 1846, Peter De Hoog left the firm and began building pianos under his own name at 476 Hudson Street. De Hoog worked for many years as a “one man shop”, building a very limited number of hand-made, high quality pianos and possibly melodeons. During the 1850s and 1860s, De Hoog specialized in superior square grand pianos. By the 1870s, De Hoog is listed as also being a dealer and retailer for other makes of instruments in addition to his own. De Hoog finally retired from the piano business in about 1898 after many years of independent success. Instruments by Peter De Hoog are exceedingly rare today, and are of museum caliber.

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Peter De Hoog Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Pete De Hoog, Piano Maker, New York City