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The “Cycloid Grand” piano was manufactured by the illustrious Lindeman & Sons Piano Company in New York. Established in 1836, Lindeman & Sons was one of the first piano factories in the United States.  Most popular during the 1860s – 1880s period, the unusual Cycloid Grand was based on a square grand piano with a finished round back sitting on three legs.
Unlike most conventional square grand pianos which were designed to have their backsides placed against a wall, the Cycloid Grand was designed so that the back of the instrument could be attractively placed in the center of a room, allowing the pianist to view their audience.  The Lindeman Cycloid Grand Piano appears to have enjoyed many professional endorsements by high-profile pianists, musicians, and singers of the period.  Despite the grandiose promotional efforts of the firm, The Cycloid Grand Piano was built in modest numbers and is exceedingly rare today.

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Cycloid Sales Catalog
Very rare 19th Century Sales Catalog featuring the Lindeman “Cycloid” Grand Piano, Circa 1880
Cycloid Piano Advertisements
19th Century Advertisements For The Lindeman Cycloid Piano, Circa About 1865
Lindeman Cycloid Newspaper Article
19th Century Newspaper Article Featuring The Lindeman Cycloid Piano, Circa 1865

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