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Compton, William
William Compton began building pianos in New York City as early as 1840. His first workshop is listed at 292 Rivington Street in 1843. During an era when most manufacturers were building primarily square grand pianos, Compton was interested in the design and manufacturing of the “Cabinet Piano-Forte” (also known as the upright piano).
In 1844, Compton exhibited his Cabinet Piano-Forte in the American Institute Fair, and was awarded a diploma for his instrument. William Compton continued building pianos on a very small scale throughout the 1850s and 1860s, until his death in about 1867. Pianos by William Compton are exceedingly rare today, and are definitely of museum caliber. They deserve the finest restoration and preservation available.

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William Compton
19th Century Advertisement For WIlliam Compton, Piano Maker, New York City