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The firm of B. E. Colley & Company was a small-scale piano manufacturing company during the 19th Century. Benjamin E. Colley established his firm in 1865 and was based in Boston with a factory located in Cambridgeport, Massachusetts. The information we have for B. E. Colley is a bit vague, but it appears that he primarily built square grand pianos and possibly melodeons.
Colley is listed as having won several awards and patents throughout his career for the improvement of piano manufacturing and design. During the 1870s, Colley’s son joined the firm and some of their instruments were labeled as Colley & Son. Colley is last listed as being awarded a patent in 1879. There is no subsequent mention of him in our archives, indicating that Colley must have been out of business in by the early 1880’s era. Instruments by B. E. Colley or Colley & Sons are exceedingly rare today.

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B.E. Colley Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For B.E. Colley, Piano Maker, Boston