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Choplain, Anthony
Anthony Choplain began his career as a piano dealer in the firm of Dubreuil & Choplain in about 1854. The firm soon started building square pianos in addition to dealing in various other brand names. In 1856, Choplain left the firm and went into partnership with Amand Chatain to establish the firm of Choplain & Chatain. Choplain left this partnership in 1859, building pianos under his own name. During the 1860s, Choplain shared a workship with piano maker Jean Laukota, but there is no evidence of them being in an actual business partnership. Choplian never built pianos in large volume, and they were likely hand made on a very small scale. Pianos by Choplain are exceedingly rare today. There is no mention of Anthony Choplain after about 1870.

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Anthony Choplain Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Anthony Choplain Piano Maker, New York City