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Browning, Thomas C.
Both Thomas C. Browning Jr. and Sr. were active in New York’s piano manufacturing industry. Browning Sr. starting building pianos as early as 1825, with his first workshop listed at 47 Murray Street, New York City. Brothers of Thomas Browning Sr. which included John G. Browning, Benjamin J. Browning and George Browning, worked in the firm at different times during the 1830s and 1840s. Browning Sr. stopped building pianos in about 1850. In about 1834, Thomas C. Browning, Jr., began building pianos under his own name, separate from his father’s firm. Listed at first at 662 Greenwich, New York City, his firm moved several times over the years as it continued to grow. Browning Jr. built pianos until about 1852.

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