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Brown & Allen
The Brown & Allen Piano Company was one of the companies that derived from the many mergers of the famous Hallet & Davis Piano Company. The firm was originally established as Brown & Hallet in 1835, and their factory was located on Washington Street in Boston. In 1843, Brown retired and George Davis joined the firm. Davis retired in about 1847, and Hallet became part of Hallet, Custom & Allen. Allen resigned from the firm, and in 1850 he formed the Brown & Allen Piano Company. With Allen gone, Hallet & Custom formed partnership, building pianos under the Hallet & Custom name until about 1879 when the business was incorporated as “Hallet, Davis & Company”. The Brown & Allen Piano Company built pianos from about 1850 until 1873 when Henry Allen left the firm to build pianos on his own under the Allen & Company name.

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Brown & Allen Advertisements
19th Century Advertisements For The Brown & Allen Piano Company