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Benson, David & Company
The firm of David Benson & Company was originally established in 1842 in Buffalo, New York. The factory was located at 196 Washington Street, and was founded by partners David Benson and D. M. Vanderpool. The firm built pianos, organs and melodeons under the names of D. Benson & Company, David Benson & Company, as well as The Buffalo Piano-Forte and Organ Manufactory.
Although Benson & Company was fairly successful, the firm never built instruments on a very large scale and was relatively small compared to most other New York manufacturers. Like most smaller firms, the instruments by Benson & Company were generally of extremely good quality and were prime examples of 19th Century craftsmanship. The firm went out of business before 1870.

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David Benson & Company Advertisements
19th Century Advertisements For David Benson & Company, Buffalo