Are you an interior decorator, designer or dealer? We often work with designers, decorators and dealers so that they can offer rare and unique pianos to their retail clients.


How many professionally designed homes have you seen with exquisite period décor, only to see a sterile shiny black baby grand piano in the corner? Most designers are not aware that THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE to the mass produced black baby grand piano for their special clients. Our goal is to provide your special clients with the perfect piano to compliment and harmonize with its surroundings, not stand out like an embarrassing afterthought!

At the Antique Piano Shop, we recognize the importance of building relationships with industry professionals. We gladly offer special discounts and wholesale pricing “to the trade,” with special terms available on an individual basis.

The Antique Piano Shop is the world’s largest supplier of Antique, Art Case and One-Of-A-Kind designer pianos to the International Design Trade. Our instruments are distributed extensively throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Our instruments have been sold to some of the world’s wealthiest CEOs and Celebrities; even Sheiks and Royalty!

The photos listed on this page show examples of some of the rare and beautiful designer pianos we are able to provide to the Design Trade. We specialize in finding rare and exotic antique pianos, one-of-a-kind antique pianos, and custom painted and designed antique pianos of all styles, colors, and budgets. THESE INSTRUMENTS ARE TOP QUALITY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS – not just beautiful pieces of furniture.

For more information about pricing “to the trade,” please complete the submission form below and an Antique Piano Shop representative will contact you as soon as possible.