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    Weber (New York)

    There were very few manufacturers that could compete with the quality and success of the Weber Piano Company of New York. Founded by Albert Weber in 1852, the firm built a full line of highest quality pianos for well over a century. Weber was known for building expensive pianos, and they were marketed to the higher income consumer of the era. In the 19th Century, Weber specialized in manufacturing top quality square grand pianos, but as the turn-of-the-century approached, they began putting more emphasis on their upright and grand pianos to suit the public's demand. By the late 19th Century, Weber was building some of the most expensive and elaborate pianos available in the industry. In 1903, Weber became part of the Aeolian Piano Company, which later became the Aeolian-American Corporation in the 1930s. Weber continued to be built as a higher quality piano throughout the 20th Century. When Aeolian went out of business in the 1980s, the Weber name was purchased by the Korean firm Young-Chang. Young-Chang continues to build the Weber name today in Asian import pianos.