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Walters Piano Company
The Walters Piano Company was established in 1902. Their factories were located on Wilbur Avenue, Long Island City, New York. The Walters Piano Company was owned and controlled by the Bloomingdale Brothers Department Store Corporation, and these pianos were sold in their department stores and retail sales catalogs. In addition to the name “Walters Piano Company”, the firm also produced pianos sold under the brand names “Erhard Piano Company”, “Harmony Piano Company”, “Coleman Piano Company”, “Richardson Piano Company”, “Bellman Piano Company” and “Blackington Piano Company”. During the ‘teens and ‘twenties the firm was very active in building player pianos, but they also offered a modest number of conventional upright and baby grand pianos as well. Pianos built by the firm are generally of good quality, and would have been sold as higher-grade, expensive pianos by Bloomindale’s at the time.

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