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    Thibout, Amadee

    Amedee Thibout established his firm in 1840 in France after apprenticing with the famed French piano maker Jean-Henri Pape. Pianos by Thibout won several prestigious awards in the Paris and Vienna Exhibitions. His instruments were known to be quite elaborate and catered to the royal courts and monarchy of Europe. After his death in 1877, Thibout's widow Mme. Veuve Thibout continued operations, continuing to build the companies success and prestige. Widow Thibout subsequently brought her son Hugues-Amadee Thibout into the firm as a partner, operating thereafter as Am. Thibout et Cie. Instruments by Thibout are rarely found in the United States, indicating they were rarely imported into America. Most instruments by Thibout found in the state were imported here during the 20th Century by private owners.