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    Taylor & Farley

    One of the most successful and renowned organ builders of the 19th Century was The Taylor & Farley Organ Company. Their factories were located in Worcester, Massachusetts, with warerooms in Rochester, NY. Established as early as 1830, the firm built a full line of melodeons and organs through the 19th Century and early 20th Century. Taylor & Farley was known for building extremely high quality instruments, and they were immensely successful. As the popularity of the organ declined in the late 19th Century, Taylor & Farley began to include a line of very well made upright pianos into their product line. After the turn of the 20th Century, the firm began to suffer as a result of the continued demise of the reed organ's popularity. The firm continued to try to push their celebrated organs, but sadly, the changing taste of the American public wasn't interested. Taylor & Farley went out of business early in the 20th Century. Taylor & Farley instruments are among some of the most well made organs & melodeons ever built. Their pianos were also of very good quality, but their pianos are exceedingly rare today.