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The Stuyvesent Piano Company was built and controlled by the famous Wheelock Piano Company of New York. The William E. Wheelock Piano Company was incorporated in 1880 with new, state of the art factories on 149th Street in New York City. In about 1886, Wheelock started building the Stuyvesent line of pianos, and they were sold for several decades with great success. We have seen a handful of Stuyvesent pianos come through our shop over the years, and they are consistently of very good quality. In 1903, Wheelock and Stuyvesent became part of the large Aeolian-Weber Piano Company. The Stuyvesent name was built until about 1930, going out of business with the Great Depression.

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Stuyvesent Advertisement
Early 20th Century Advertisement From The Stuyvesent Piano Company, Circa about 1910