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Sometime in the early 19th Century, Elias Parkham Needham and Jeremiah Carhart established the Carhart & Needham Organ Company of New York. This firm built melodeons and parlor organs, and they were immensely successful. Elias Needham gained international fame as the inventor of the upright organ action used in most 19th Century parlor and chapel organs worldwide. In 1846 the Needham Piano & Organ was founded. By the 20th Century, their organ production had ceased as the piano become the preferred musical instrument for the American home. Elias P. Needham died in 1889, and the firm was taken over by Kindler & Collins in about 1912. Kindler & Collins appears to have continued to build the Needham name until the Great Depression era.

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Needham Illustrated Organ Catalog, Circa 1885
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Needham Illustrated Piano Catalog, Circa 1898
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Needham Illustrated Piano Catalog, Circa 1912