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Miller, William

A rather rare and obscure maker of very good quality pianos is that of William Miller, New York. William Miller is first listed as a partner with Napoleon Haines (later of famous Haines Brothers Piano Company) in the firm of 'Haines & Miller' in 1852. In 1853 William Miller left Haines to form his own firm which was located at 128 E 14th Street, New York City. Miller's fine pianos won several awards at the American Institute Fair during the 1853 -1856 period, and by 1856 his business had grown to occupy new factories at 156 E. 21st Street in addition to several different shops around the New York City area. During this period his firm was primarily making piano cases and piano stools for other manufacturers. By 1858 John Miller (presumably William Miller's son) advertised himself as the 'Manufacturer of the William Miller Pianoforte' at 127 E 31st Street, New York City. Records show factories for Miller located at 160 E. 21st Street in 1864, and 160 E 21st Street by 1865. It appears the firm was out of business well before 1870. We have restored only a handful of these pianos, as pianos by William Miller are exceedingly rare. These instruments are built of very good quality and craftsmanship, and they deserve the finest quality restoration and preservation available.


William Miller Advertisement 19th Century Advertisement For William Miller Piano Company, New York


$35,000 After Total Restoration
1855 | For Sale