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Marschall & Mittauer

Theodore Marschall was a successful piano builder during the 19th Century. Marschall immigrated to New York City from Bavaria in 1851, and began building pianos there shortly after. In 1856, Marschall went into partnership with Jean Laukota to form the firm of 'Laukota & Marschall', located at 5 Mercer Street. This was a short lived partnership which was dissolved a year later. Marschall then went on to become superintendent of the firm 'Lighte & Bradbury'. Marschall left Lighte & Bradbury in 1866 to go into partnership with George Mittauer to establish the firm of 'Marschall & Mittauer'. Marchall & Mittauer enjoyed a great deal of success, and built exceptional pianos. By 1869 – 1870, the firm was the 19th largest piano manufacturing firm in the United States. In about 1872, Hugo Sohmer bought the firm, creating the now famous 'Sohmer & Company'.


Marschall & Mittauer Advertisement 19th Century Advertisement for Marschall & Mittauer Piano Company, New York


$35,000 After Total Restoration
1867 | For Sale