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The C. Kurtzmann Piano Company was established by Christian Kurtzmann in Buffalo, NY in 1848. In about 1859, C. Kurtzmann went into partnership with a gentleman by the name of Hinze to form the company of 'Kurtzmann & Hinze'. Kurtzmann dissolved this partnership sometime in the late 1860's and started building pianos under his own name. Kurtzmann was known for building very high quality, expensive pianos and organs, and their instruments were often very elaborate and sometimes 'overbuilt'. These instruments are truly amazing examples of old-world quality and craftsmanship. During the 19th Century, Kurtzmann built a number of square grand piano models, slowly integrating upright and grand pianos into their line by the turn-of-the-century. Kurtzmann incorporated as C. Kurtzmann & Co in 1901, with their factories located on Niagara Street in Buffalo, NY. Besides making pianos under the Kurtzmann name, the firm built pianos under the names of Capen and Brockport Manufacturing Co. The Wurlitzer Piano Company took control of Kurtzmann in 1935, and built the Kurtmann brand name until 1938.


Kurtzmann Sales Catalog Early 20th Century C. Kurtzmann & Co. Sales Catalog, Circa About 1905 (Original scans courtesy of www.musicaviva.com)
20th Century Kurtzmann Piano Advertisements Early 20th Century Advertisements From The C. Kurtzmann Piano Company, Buffalo
19tn Century Kurtzmann Advertisements 19th Century Advertisements For The C. Kurtzmann Piano Company, Buffalo


$25,000 After Total Restoration
1921 | For Sale
$18,500 After Total Restoration
1914 | For Sale
$22,000 After Total Restoration
1892 | Sold