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Brooks – Evans
The Brooks – Evans Piano Company was established in Minneapolis by Elmer A. Brooks in about 1910. Brooks-Evans was primarily a large music retails in the Twin Cities area, but they also sold a line of pianos under the ‘Brooks – Evans’ brand name. Research shows that the majority of pianos sold under the Brooks – Evans brand name were actually built under contract by the Haddorff Piano Company. It isn’t clear whether or not Brooks – Evans actually did manufacture any of their own pianos. In addition to the Brooks – Evans line, the firm sold several other high-profile brand name instruments and enjoyed a stellar reputation in the music industry. There is no mention of Brooks – Evans after the Great Depression era.

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Brooks - Evans Newspaper Article
Early 19th Century Newpaper Article About The Brooks – Evans Piano Company, Minneapolis
E. A. Brooks Photograph
Photograph Of E. A. Brooks, Founder, Brooks – Evans Piano Company, Minneapolis