Jay delivered the piano yesterday…


Would you please express my unlimited gratitude to everyone involved in the restoration of my wife’s piano?

My wife received this piano as a gift from her father when she was 7 years old and it has been with her ever since (+47 years!) She has longed to have it restored for the last 30 years that I have known her, and up until the time Jay picked it up to bring it to your shop it had been nothing more than a wistful dream, at best. Even this last 21 months that it has been out of our possession the reality of having brought back to it’s intended glory seemed nothing more than a fantasy; an illusion of a possibility at best.

Now I realize that this is not the most ornate piano; as a matter of aesthetics some might even call it rather plain, but to her (us!) its beauty is in the simplicity of its design and the years of loving history involved with it. It has been with her through elation, sadness, births and deaths. It has been a symbol to her of the progression of life and all of the intricate facets life entails. Until today I really had no complete grasp of what this piano means to her. She by no means idolizes it, but the enormous emotional bond she has with it became evident to me today.

I had alluded that its arrival would be next week as I wanted to surprise her with it… I must say, her reaction when she finally saw it spoke volumes to the amazing job your team did… I was in another room when she finally saw it (she had been home about 10 minutes and walked past our living room at least twice) and all I heard out of her was a rather subdued ‘Oh..’ and then silence…

I anticipated a note of music to be played, but all I heard was the silence! I waited, and yet still nothing. Silence. I came around the corner to find her with her hand on the piano, head down, trembling… When she turned to me, the torrent of tears came down! Wow!

My wife is very reserved about letting her emotions really flow so to have this outpouring displayed what a wonderful job your team did.

Pure genuine love.

Her response is a testament to the skill and talent of your team. I pray they realize what an enormous gift they have and the joy they can bring to others. What they do is so much more than a job; it brings an unfathomable joy to people like my wife and touches lives in so many ways, for generations to come.

My thanks goes out to each and every one of you involved with this piano, whether it was on the administrative side or the hands-on aspect.

Audra’s response, albeit subdued, speaks louder and cleared than I could ever thank you all enough for;


In Audra’s language, that says it all!